Being the fashion obsessed girl I am, I was always upset that in fashion magazines and blogs, no one ever wrote anything aimed at tweens. I always thought that there was the need for a tween fashion blog somewhere. So, that's why, at 11 years old, I decided to start one, thinking that no one can write about tween fashion better than a tween herself. Although my blog is aimed at tweens, I think that there are some tips of mine that every girl can use, no matter how old you are! I know that the tween years are an awkward age, I'm experiencing it first hand! I hope girls my age everywhere can read my blog and take my tips!

Roxanne Izzo

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  1. Love your blog Roxanne!

    We tottally agree that there are not many places online for tweens. That is exactly why we created the CiCi Bean blog! We love posting about DIY projects, recipes, style, tween tips and lots more! Check our blog out at www.letyourheartbeyourguide.blogspot.ca