Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Since it is now JULY, here are my June favorites! I am very sorry if I'm late, so yeah.

June was a huge month for me, I graduated elementary school, went to Ottawa, basically one of the best months for me this year!

1. Essie nail polish in ''Peach Daiquiri'': What a perfect summer color!

2. Black Bloch ballet flats: I wore these at my graduation, and I've been pretty much wearing them daily since.

3. L'Oreal Le Gloss in Peach Fizz: Ever since they discontinued Rimmel's Royal Gloss, I need a new lip gloss. I purchased this one a while back, and I was rather impressed by the formula.

4. Swedish Fish: So, at my grad, they had this candy bar where you can make your own bags of candy. In that bag, I had some Swedish Fish. Now, that's my new favorite candy, it's so amazing!

5. Illamasqua nail polish in Rare: This has to be one of the coolest neon nail polishes ever! Plus, the formula is amazing.

6. I have another favorite nail polish. Essie Nail Polish in Mezmerize: I love this color, it's dark but yet still fun!

Favorite song:

To find out my favorite songs at the moment, see my most recent post!

So there are my June Favorites! I hope you enjoyed!


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