Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's On My iPod Tag!

It's been awhile! Well, today school let out, so it's summer! That means I'll try my hardest to blog more often! :)

Anyways, today, I'm doing the What's On My IPod/iPhone tag. This is just a really fun tag and so yeah.

Here is my current case. It is from Cath Kidston and it is very pretty. I got it at the Apple Store.

This is my home screen. Please do not judge my wallpaper. :)

On my first page, I have all the classic built-in apps that are not necessary going through.

My second page is where things get more interesting. First, I have 'Stocks' (which I never used) and the 'Utilities category that holds more built-in apps.

But, on this page I have:

Twitter (follow me @roxanneizzo and @mytweendreams)

Instagram (my IG is roxanneizzo)

Trendabl (my Trendabl is the same as my IG)

Flick Soccer (this is a very fun app)

MSN (to KIT with friends)

Blogger (what i'm using right now! Normally, I blog VIA my laptop, but since i'm using pictures for this post, I upload the pics directly from my iPod.)


Music Quiz

GIFBoom (which I rarely use, but if you want to follow me, my username is roxanneizzo)

Fruit Ninja

Glow Hockey

OvenBreak (which i'm somewhat addicted to)

PopBooth (I never even use it! But it's fun!)
Temple Run

Next page:

TuneIn Radio


Logo Quiz (which i'm the worst at)

Tiny Tower (I was addicted for awhile!)

Draw Something

Songify (gotta love it!)

Forever 21 app (practical to have!)

Shazam (also very practical!)

Eye Color Changer (very practical when you're bored!)

Versagram (comes in handy!)

Sketch Pad (very convenient when you're bored)

Formspring (I love it! My FS is roxanneizzo)


MASH (in case you want to predict your future!)

That's what's on my iPod! Hope you enjoyed! Please note that this is not a paid advertisement!

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