Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Outfit Ideas

I've been working on this post forever, and I am so glad I can finally publish it!
Here are some outfits I put together!

Outfit #1

This is one of my favorite outfits! It is definitely a casual outfit that can be worn anywhere.

Top: Forever 21

Shorts: Levi's

Watch: Baby G

Black, white and lavender bracelet: Gift shop in Hampton Beach

Pearl bracelet: Dollar store

Sandals: Zara

This is another outfit I love! The top is a bit more on the dressy side, but I ''casuallized'' it with denim shorts. This is a nice outfit for when you want to be a bit more dressy, but not too dressy.

Top: American Apparel

Shorts: Levi's

Shoes: Blotch

Watch: Betsey Johnson

Bracelet: Shambala

I really like this outfit as well for another casual look. I took a pretty, feminine top and paired it with the same Levi's shorts and Converse to give it a bit more edge.

Top: Zara

Shorts: Levi's

Shoes: Converse

Bracelet: H&M

This is a really cool outfit for a chillier summer day. It is very casual and is also a little more on the crazy side.

Top and pants: Material Girl

Black bracelet: H&M

Striped bracelet: Gift shop at Hampton Beach

Friendship bracelet: Made by me

(I would pair this look with black flats, but I didn't have black flats at the time so yeah)

This is another look I really love. It's the perfect summery look for day and night.

Romper: Material Girl

Beaded Bracelet: Delilah's (I think it's a local accessory shop)

'Roxanne' bracelet: My cousin got it for me from Argentina

(I would also pair this look with black flats, which I didn't have when this photo was taken)

So, I hope you enjoyed this summer outfits post! Hopefully, I gave you some outfit ideas! I'm sorry if the image quality is crappy.


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