Sunday, June 03, 2012

Since May Is Over, I Should Let You Know What My May Favorites Are

Hahaha I love long titles!

So MAY is over! Summer is basically almost here. Here are my favorite products and stuff this month!

1. Kloraine shampoo and conditioner: You haven't tried a shampoo and conditioner until you tried this. It's odd though. I use the one for blonde to light brown hair when I'm clearly a brunette. It's making my natural highlights brighter, though!

2. Essie's nail polish in Tart Deco: Oh my lord, you have to try this color! It's perfect for summer: it's a neon and a pastel color at the same time!

3. Sperry's: Not only are they so cool, they are also so comfortable and I've been wearing them everywhere!!

4. My tan purse from Zara: I just love it okay!

5. Cath Kidston iPod case: I switched back to my old case, and I love it soo much!!

6. Oven Break: Over this past month, I just developed an obsession with Oven Break. I just cannot beat the ''Challenge'' level.

Music wise:

My favorite song for this month would probably be ''Save You Tonight'' by One Direction if I would have to choose one.

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