Saturday, May 05, 2012

Time For My April Favorites!

It's MAY!

This is what I loved this month:

1. My grey and white striped crop top from American Apparel: I got this for my birthday and OH MY GOD! I wear it SO often! It's so comfy. Go to American Apparel and buy a crop top NOW!

2. EOS lip balm: Found my lip balm!

3. Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On: I love it!

4. My new bike: The coolest thing EVA!

As far as music:

Well, my current favorite song is Everything About You by One Direction, but I only started listening to the song last week, so it's not an APRIL favorite, but if I look back on April, my favorite song was She'll Be Dancing by Basement Superheroes. I still love the song, though, go check it out!

That was what I loved in April. Hope I entertained you for a couple minutes!


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