Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Spring And Summer Nail Trends You Should Definitely Follow

What is trending as far as nail polish for spring and summer 2012?

Well, what ISN'T trending for spring and summer 2012?

This spring and summer, nail trends are crazy!!! Everything from pastels to neons are in.

The first trend that is in are pastels. Pastels are perfect for when you want to paint your nails, but don't want anything too showy. My favorite shades are lilac, baby pink and mint.

Brights and neon shades are definitely huge! Everything from yellow to royal blue is in!

A huge trend is coral! You can go for more of a pale, muted peach (like Essie's Tart Deco) or go all out with a BRIGHT coral!

If you're not into brights or pastels, putty colors are your solution, like grey-beige and taupe. These are defenitely the more mature solution! :)



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