Saturday, May 19, 2012


What shorts are in for the summer?

This summer, shorts are crazier then ever. Actually, they're not that crazy. But some are! Whatever, from tie-dyed to cutoffs, everything is in!

Cutoffs are really cool for the summer. (that sounded somewhat corny!) I know you automatically think super short, but from a personal shopping experience at Zara yesterday, I saw the pre-cut ones are not a ridiculous length. And this is what I love-go to a thrift store, get a cheap pair of jeans, (you can probably find Levi's or Tommy Hilfiger or a decent brand like that, so that's great!) don't look at the legs of the jeans and cut them yourself. What I love about this is that you can control the length-if you're not comfortable with that supershort look, you can choose your length. You can also decide if you want the pockets visible or not.

High-waisted shorts are perfect for summer! My favorite way to wear these is with a crop top-I let the top ''billow'' over the shorts. Anyways, I have a whole post dedicated to this, so check it out! 

If you really want a crazy look, go for patterned shorts! Something I've ben seeing on many fashion related Instagram accounts are American flag shorts, as you can see above. If you want something a bit less crazy, go for a floral or tribal print. If you want to play it safe, just pick a solid color. Just be sure to pair them with something basic!

One last trend is tie dye denim shorts, as you can see above as well. These have been in and out, but they are definitely back in for this year!

Hope my tips were helpful! Oh, and this was definitely not a ''short'' post! Ahh, I crack myself up!


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