Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shoe Trend Alert: Boat Shoes!

This summer, boat shoes are huge!

Boat shoes are a great buy. Not only are they so cool and comfortable, they are also so versatile: you can wear them with shorts and a t-shirt for a casual look, or even pair them with a romper.

These also tie into one of my favorite looks: The IRONIC look! As much as they're very ''hip'', it's also odd for a young girl to be wearing such ladylike, mature shoes!

Although I own a pair of basic navy blue boat shoes, many brands make them in various colors and patterns, like neons, stripes and sequins. So, you can put a twist on a classy look!

Yeah, so boat shoes are in, go get yourself a pair! :)


Saturday, May 19, 2012


What shorts are in for the summer?

This summer, shorts are crazier then ever. Actually, they're not that crazy. But some are! Whatever, from tie-dyed to cutoffs, everything is in!

Cutoffs are really cool for the summer. (that sounded somewhat corny!) I know you automatically think super short, but from a personal shopping experience at Zara yesterday, I saw the pre-cut ones are not a ridiculous length. And this is what I love-go to a thrift store, get a cheap pair of jeans, (you can probably find Levi's or Tommy Hilfiger or a decent brand like that, so that's great!) don't look at the legs of the jeans and cut them yourself. What I love about this is that you can control the length-if you're not comfortable with that supershort look, you can choose your length. You can also decide if you want the pockets visible or not.

High-waisted shorts are perfect for summer! My favorite way to wear these is with a crop top-I let the top ''billow'' over the shorts. Anyways, I have a whole post dedicated to this, so check it out! 

If you really want a crazy look, go for patterned shorts! Something I've ben seeing on many fashion related Instagram accounts are American flag shorts, as you can see above. If you want something a bit less crazy, go for a floral or tribal print. If you want to play it safe, just pick a solid color. Just be sure to pair them with something basic!

One last trend is tie dye denim shorts, as you can see above as well. These have been in and out, but they are definitely back in for this year!

Hope my tips were helpful! Oh, and this was definitely not a ''short'' post! Ahh, I crack myself up!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A huge trend for summer is carefree, loose waves. Now, there are many ways to achieve this look, even if your hair is not naturally wavy. Plus, this style isn't supposed to be perfect, the messier, the better. This is how to achieve these waves.

Way #1:

This is how I achieve my waves. It is probably one of the hardest ways but whatever. I go under one of those huge blow dryers and I scrunch my hair with my fingers to get a more tousled look.

Way #2:

if you do not have natural waves, go to bed with your hair in a loose, messy braid and comb it out in the morning.

Way #3:

Rely on your natural texture! If you have smaller waves, brush them out!

Way #4:

If none of these work for you, you can always use a waver!

Hope I helped you!


My Apologies


I just wanted to apologise for not blogging as frequently as I used to.

 I've been super busy with schoolwork. I have my 6th grade finals this week and I've had tons of studying. And, I also have my science fair. So, I've been really busy this past week.

But, I have 4 days off this weekend!

Anyways, this summer, I will try my hardest to post daily!

PLUS, I have another 2 hugee posts coming!


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Spring And Summer Nail Trends You Should Definitely Follow

What is trending as far as nail polish for spring and summer 2012?

Well, what ISN'T trending for spring and summer 2012?

This spring and summer, nail trends are crazy!!! Everything from pastels to neons are in.

The first trend that is in are pastels. Pastels are perfect for when you want to paint your nails, but don't want anything too showy. My favorite shades are lilac, baby pink and mint.

Brights and neon shades are definitely huge! Everything from yellow to royal blue is in!

A huge trend is coral! You can go for more of a pale, muted peach (like Essie's Tart Deco) or go all out with a BRIGHT coral!

If you're not into brights or pastels, putty colors are your solution, like grey-beige and taupe. These are defenitely the more mature solution! :)



Saturday, May 05, 2012

Time For My April Favorites!

It's MAY!

This is what I loved this month:

1. My grey and white striped crop top from American Apparel: I got this for my birthday and OH MY GOD! I wear it SO often! It's so comfy. Go to American Apparel and buy a crop top NOW!

2. EOS lip balm: Found my lip balm!

3. Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On: I love it!

4. My new bike: The coolest thing EVA!

As far as music:

Well, my current favorite song is Everything About You by One Direction, but I only started listening to the song last week, so it's not an APRIL favorite, but if I look back on April, my favorite song was She'll Be Dancing by Basement Superheroes. I still love the song, though, go check it out!

That was what I loved in April. Hope I entertained you for a couple minutes!


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Trend Alert: Lace

As you may know, lace is huge for spring! This is probably my favorite trend this year!


Lace tops are definitely in, alongside crochet tops for the summer and spring. You can dress them up or down, you can wear them with almost anything.

Yes, lace tops are in, but lace bottoms are even more in! Lace shorts are probably one of the biggest summer trends this year. I even saw, in a YouTube haul, baby blue lace shorts! Lace skirts are also huge, lace leggings as well! Wear any lacy bottom with a basic shirt.

Oh, and lace dresses are in!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Bye!