Sunday, March 04, 2012

What To Wear: Springtime

I know this post is pretty general, but I still think it can be helpful. Spring, my favorite season is just around the corner, (my birthday is a month and a day away!) and the weather is getting warmer, so here are my ideas for what to wear! I may do a spring outfits post soon!

Outfit 1: You don't want to wear a regular pair of jeans, and it's still too cold to wear a skirt without tights, so pick a colorful skirt, add a sweater, tights and boots and you're spring-ready!

Outfit 2: It's May (Verry far away, but whatever) and it's too hot out to wear jeans, but still too cold to wear shorts, so what do you do? I got the solution! Pick a nice pair of harem pants in a very light material, preferably high waisted, pair with a crop top and flats, and you're good to go!

Outfit 3: If you're not comfortable in neither of those, rock some printed leggings! Whether they're leopard or floral, the style possibilities are endless! My favorite way to wear them is with a big, baggy shirt and flats, but it's up to you!

PS, like the tacky picture?

You are going to hear the word ''spring'' this whole month on Tween Dreams!

Hope you enjoyed!

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