Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unofficial Spring Outfits

Back in August, I did a post called ''Dress Codes'', where I listed items to buy and put them together, something like that. Today, I'm doing that post, but obviously not with back to school items like the post like this, with spring outfits. The reason why this post is called ''Unofficial Spring Outfits'' is because I will be eventually posting a post with actual pictures of things from my closet paired together. Here, the items are just written out!


High- Waisted Jeans

Crop Top

Patterned Skirt

Basic pastel top

Lace tee


Doc Martens-inspired boots


Outfit 1: Crop top + High waisted jeans + Doc Martens inspired boots

Outfit 2: Patterned skirt + Lace tee

Outfit 3:High-waisted jeans + Basic pastel top + High Tops

Outfit 4: Basic pastel top + Patterned skirt + Tights + Doc Martens-inspired boots

Outfit 5: Lace tee + High-Waisted jeans + High-tops

Hope you like my outfit suggestions! You can base your outfits around mine!


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