Friday, March 02, 2012

Trend Alert: Trendy Spring Pants

Is it just me or has it been a long time since my last trend alert? Well, today I have one coming your way (I love rhyming!) on the trends in pants.

Time to push your classic jeans aside! This spring, weirder, more unusual models are in. Look for kind of flowy, tapered pants, even harem pants. I know for a fact that Material Girl carries some, and I'm sure Zara does too!

Printed leggings are also huge this spring.

As for jeans, classic faded models are, well I can't say out but... Anyways, any one tone model is in, but what's really in is either very light washes or vintage, acid wash. High-waisted denim is cool, as well. Having a pair of coloured denim also comes in handy!

I know tapered pants (which I think are high-waisted!) and high-waisted jeans are hard to wear. Here's what I do!

Tuck a camisole into the pants. Than, add a crop top over it, without tucking it in or anything. That way, you're covered, so you don't look skanky. If the top is too short, it's fine to leave some camisole showing.

Hope you enjoyed!


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