Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tips Part 3!

The long awaited ''Tips Part 3!'' I'm really excited for this post and I hope you are too! These are probably one of my favorite kinds of posts to do, but they take too much thinking to come up with every week, (like my other posts) but here is the third one in the series!

  • Do not fear nail polish because it makes your nails NICE AND STRONG. However, remover weakens your nails. To find out what to do, see my Chipped Nail Art post!
  • T-shirts are never worth the splurge, whereas jeans, purses and shoes are!
  • Even if you like heels, everyone needs a good pair of flats in their shoe collection.
  • Despite what anyone says, Converse will never go out of style!
  • Sometimes, obscure music is good music!
  • You always need a good nude, light pink, black and red in your nail polish collection.
  • Tomato juice kills pimples.
  • Be extremely clear with hairdressers, and put your foot down if they insist on doing something you do not want them to do.
  • Basics you`ll have forever are worth blowing cash on!
  • Hard work pays off!
Hope these tips were helpful!


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