Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get The Look: Emma Watson

Time for another ''Get The Look''! This look is dedicated to people who live in really warm countries, because there is the only place you can wear this around this time of year! It's definitely a basic look, but it's still polished. In other words, it's the summer version of my ''Get The Look: Rihanna!

Top: Emma Watson wears a sleeveless blouse. This is something American Apparel will have for sure, and Zara may have something similar, so check there!

Shorts: Emma wears extremely distressed denim cutoff shorts, which add an edge to this polished top. Yes, you can cut jeans into shorts yourself for this look! Any denim shorts will do. To add some kind of pattern, Emma also adds a leopard belt, which is optional.

Shoes: Although the Harry Potter actress' shoes aren't visible, you can go two ways for this look: You can either finish off with flats to keep this look polished, or add sneakers for a more laidback vibe.

I hoped you enjoyed this look! I couldn't really go too in depth because this look is straightforward and basic, so I hope you enjoyed!


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