Friday, March 09, 2012

Chipped Nail Art!

I am crazy.

Chipped nails are a disgrace in life. But did you ever realise how beautiful the design is if you would fill it in? AH!

Don't take off your chipped nail polish! Using a striper, outline the polish with a contrasting color and slowly fill it in. Take your time, and you'll end up with a beautiful design!

Hop you enjoyed this quick post!



  1. Or you could just get crackle nail polish ;)

  2. That's true, but it's a bit different! :)

  3. Hey sweetie!
    thanks a lot for your visit and feedback to my blog. Glad you did it so I got to know yours as well. Love it and creative youth must always be encouraged!I'm your new follower and would love to have you with me as well! I'll surely be come from now on!
    have the nicest week!

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  5. I followed you! Thank you for following-I really appreciate it! I love your blog!