Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 Ways To Wear: Colored Denim

Colored denim is huge for spring, so today I'm going to be posting the second post in my '3 ways to wear' series.

Colored denim has to be the statement piece in your outfit. You cannot overpower it with an even louder top. Stick to one bright color. Yes, there is colorblocking, but anyways...

Way 1: Lucy Hale is smart to pair mint colored heans with a lace top and a leather jacket. It is still way more of a statement outfit, but the Pretty Little Liars actress makes it work by picking neutral colors and letting the aqua denim be the only pop of color she uses. This is the perfect mix of edgy, feminine and trendy.

Way 2:  I love Kate Middleton's look because it's a mix of classy and trendy. Princess Kate balances out crazy coral jeans with a classic navy blazer and a silk scarf, and again lets the jeans stand out. It's a muted way to rock this trend-it's perfect!

Way 3:  Sometimes, you just have to take the easy way out! I love Dakota Fanning's look, it's so simple, but yet the most wearable look for colored denim. I also love how the actress pairs this look with flats - it's the perfect school look. Out of all 3 looks, this is the look I would most likely wear.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It's kind of like 3 ''Get The Looks'' in one! 


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