Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trend Alert: Neon

If you've been reading this blog, you'll know that the 80's and 90's are back. Well, this post will be on ANOTHER 80's/90's trend: Neon!

Yes, neon is huge. But, obviously, yes the 80's are back, but really. You don't want to look crazy because it just looks odd. My suggestion is adding a neon accessory to a plain outfit. My favorite color combination for this is black, white and pink. What I mean is that let's say you're wearing a black and white outfit, you can add color with a pink watch or shoes or whatever. If you are wearing neon clothing, make sure to pick only one neon item in each outfit. (See my latest post) Neons do flatter everyone. Also, if you're wearing a neon top, I believe that basics work better than a multiple-colored top (although that really depends on the top) Yes, what I love about neons is how easy they are to wear: You can get any everyday accessory in a more colorful color and it will still be totally trendy without going over the top.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 Ways To Wear: Colored Denim

Colored denim is huge for spring, so today I'm going to be posting the second post in my '3 ways to wear' series.

Colored denim has to be the statement piece in your outfit. You cannot overpower it with an even louder top. Stick to one bright color. Yes, there is colorblocking, but anyways...

Way 1: Lucy Hale is smart to pair mint colored heans with a lace top and a leather jacket. It is still way more of a statement outfit, but the Pretty Little Liars actress makes it work by picking neutral colors and letting the aqua denim be the only pop of color she uses. This is the perfect mix of edgy, feminine and trendy.

Way 2:  I love Kate Middleton's look because it's a mix of classy and trendy. Princess Kate balances out crazy coral jeans with a classic navy blazer and a silk scarf, and again lets the jeans stand out. It's a muted way to rock this trend-it's perfect!

Way 3:  Sometimes, you just have to take the easy way out! I love Dakota Fanning's look, it's so simple, but yet the most wearable look for colored denim. I also love how the actress pairs this look with flats - it's the perfect school look. Out of all 3 looks, this is the look I would most likely wear.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It's kind of like 3 ''Get The Looks'' in one! 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just A Music Post...

I love blogging about fashion! But sometimes I just wanna blog about MUSIC! So, today I'm going to be doing a post on just songs I've been listening to thorough 2012.

I have the weirdest taste in music. I listen to anything from mainstream pop to obscure rock. I like the pop artists you hear on the radio, but I listen to their obscure songs. Here are my current favorite songs (in no specific order):

Starships-Nicki Minaj

Call Your Girlfriend-Robyn

Crybaby-Basement Superheroes

All Of The Lights-Kanye West feat. Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Fergie, Elton John and Alicia Keys

CU Next Tuesday-Ke$ha

Take Care-Drake feat. Rihanna

Somebody That I Used To Know-Gotye feat. Kimbra

Giving Up The Gun-Vampire Weekend

Pearl-Katy Perry

What Makes You Beautiful-One Direction (Probably on every girl's list!)


We Are Young-Fun. feat. Janelle Monae

Supernova-Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West

Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)-Foster The People

Those are my Top 14 songs of this time period. I definitely recommend checking out these songs (although a lot are on the iTunes Top 10!)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get The Look: Emma Watson

Time for another ''Get The Look''! This look is dedicated to people who live in really warm countries, because there is the only place you can wear this around this time of year! It's definitely a basic look, but it's still polished. In other words, it's the summer version of my ''Get The Look: Rihanna!

Top: Emma Watson wears a sleeveless blouse. This is something American Apparel will have for sure, and Zara may have something similar, so check there!

Shorts: Emma wears extremely distressed denim cutoff shorts, which add an edge to this polished top. Yes, you can cut jeans into shorts yourself for this look! Any denim shorts will do. To add some kind of pattern, Emma also adds a leopard belt, which is optional.

Shoes: Although the Harry Potter actress' shoes aren't visible, you can go two ways for this look: You can either finish off with flats to keep this look polished, or add sneakers for a more laidback vibe.

I hoped you enjoyed this look! I couldn't really go too in depth because this look is straightforward and basic, so I hope you enjoyed!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unofficial Spring Outfits

Back in August, I did a post called ''Dress Codes'', where I listed items to buy and put them together, something like that. Today, I'm doing that post, but obviously not with back to school items like the post like this, with spring outfits. The reason why this post is called ''Unofficial Spring Outfits'' is because I will be eventually posting a post with actual pictures of things from my closet paired together. Here, the items are just written out!


High- Waisted Jeans

Crop Top

Patterned Skirt

Basic pastel top

Lace tee


Doc Martens-inspired boots


Outfit 1: Crop top + High waisted jeans + Doc Martens inspired boots

Outfit 2: Patterned skirt + Lace tee

Outfit 3:High-waisted jeans + Basic pastel top + High Tops

Outfit 4: Basic pastel top + Patterned skirt + Tights + Doc Martens-inspired boots

Outfit 5: Lace tee + High-Waisted jeans + High-tops

Hope you like my outfit suggestions! You can base your outfits around mine!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Trend Alert: Acid Wash

Acid wash is huge this spring! I really love these jeans-they're just so cool and they tie into my ''Baby-Sitters Club Inspired'' look! This will be a VERY brief trend report!

Acid wash is probably one of my favorite spring trends! They aren't the easiest things to wear, though. My favorite way to wear them is pairing them with a white shirt. These can be paired with anything basic, specifically pastel colors!

SO BRIEF!!! I just wanted to advise you guys that acid wash is in, so THERE! ARE YOU HAPPY?

Hahahahahahahhahaahah, I'm kidding!!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Trend Alert: Peter Pan Collars

Don't be fooled by ''Peter Pan''! This is actually a very cool trend! I would consider this more of a Caillou collar...that's what I called it before I knew the term! But Caillou doesn't even have a Peter Pan Collar on his signature shirt, it's his sister who does!

Enough with my friends Peter Pan and Caillou!!! Anyways, what this is is a standout collar, like Caillou's sister is wearing, who would've thought she is actually on trend!These are huge for spring! What I love about these is that they are so versatile, you can wear them on a blouse, a dress, a t-shirt, anything! Possibilities are endless! There are even collars that you attach to a shirt. On the left of this paragraph will be pictures of celebrities, clothes, anything Peter Pan collar related!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Bye!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KONY 2012



I hope I did not scare you! I just wanted to inform you guys on something. It`s nothing too serious!

I don`t want to sound pushy or ANYTHING! My views have been going up like crazy! If you enjoy my blog, please click ``Join This Site`` over the`followers` icon! It`s just a click and will make me so happy! I will follow back. You can also follow by e-mail! So please follow. OH, and my birthday`s in a month, and that will be the best present in the world! So please follow and share the message!


Tips Part 3!

The long awaited ''Tips Part 3!'' I'm really excited for this post and I hope you are too! These are probably one of my favorite kinds of posts to do, but they take too much thinking to come up with every week, (like my other posts) but here is the third one in the series!

  • Do not fear nail polish because it makes your nails NICE AND STRONG. However, remover weakens your nails. To find out what to do, see my Chipped Nail Art post!
  • T-shirts are never worth the splurge, whereas jeans, purses and shoes are!
  • Even if you like heels, everyone needs a good pair of flats in their shoe collection.
  • Despite what anyone says, Converse will never go out of style!
  • Sometimes, obscure music is good music!
  • You always need a good nude, light pink, black and red in your nail polish collection.
  • Tomato juice kills pimples.
  • Be extremely clear with hairdressers, and put your foot down if they insist on doing something you do not want them to do.
  • Basics you`ll have forever are worth blowing cash on!
  • Hard work pays off!
Hope these tips were helpful!


Friday, March 09, 2012

Update on Tween Dreams

Hello there!

I wanted to fill you guys in with an update on TD! I was reading my first posts from August, where I did general beauty posts like ''Makeup'' and ''Perfume Talk'' and stuff like that. I can't blame myself because I was only starting blogging, but I feel like my writing was very crappy and the subjects were kind of vague. I don't want to sound conceited at all or anything, but now that I got the hang of blogging, I decided that I was going to do updated versions of those posts.

So, if you see those posts come up, read them because they are improved!


Roxanne & Tween Dreams

Chipped Nail Art!

I am crazy.

Chipped nails are a disgrace in life. But did you ever realise how beautiful the design is if you would fill it in? AH!

Don't take off your chipped nail polish! Using a striper, outline the polish with a contrasting color and slowly fill it in. Take your time, and you'll end up with a beautiful design!

Hop you enjoyed this quick post!


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

About Me (Tag!)

I do tags every once in a while. I like to invent them, as well. Here is just a tag asking random questions about myself, that I invented myself. There are 20 questions, and I TAG YOU!

1. How old are you (be honest): I'm 11, turning 12 in a month.

2. When were you born: April 3rd, 2000. I love the fact that I was born in 2000, it's so easy to tell how old I am!
3. What do you do besides blogging: I spend most of my free time with music.

4. Where do you live: I live in the province of Quebec, in Canada

5. How many siblings do you have: I have 2 older brothers.

6. What about sports: Don't even get me started...

7. What is your favorite color: Fluorescent pink

8. Who are your favorite artists: This tag is going to be long: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Robyn, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Jessie J, Kanye West, Vampire Weekend, Mr. Hudson, Basement Superheroes, Pink, Adele and many more.

9. What magazines do you read: I read what you read. Seventeen is my favorite magazine, but for blog ideas, I like Teen Vogue. I won't lie: I read teen gossip magazines!

10. How tall are you: 5'2, but I'm still growing!

11. What books do you read: I am currently reading ''The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'', but I really love The Baby-Sitters Club and A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

12. How would you describe your style: Trendy, but basic!

13. Who are your favorite designers: Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, Prada and Jeremy Scott

14. What is your favorite season: Spring!

15. What nationality are you: Italian. As they said in my Italian class, I'm italocanadese!

16. Do you shop at thrift stores: I try, but I never wear the things I get!

17. How do you feel about roller coasters: I love rides, but if it's too crazy...Well, at first, I'm terrified, but then I ride it and I love it!

18. What color is your room: Lavender

19. Do you write poetry: I used to, but I write lyrics, so I guess that counts as poetry.

20. What is your favorite school subject: English (Well, writing)

Hope you enjoyed this tag! I TAG YOU!!! Tweet me or comment if you do the tag!


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

3 Ways To Wear: Wild Bottoms

A new column! I will give 3 ideas on how to wear an item per post. Let's start the first post in this column!

Crazy pants are huge this spring! But, they aren't the easiest thing to wear. Here are my tips on how to wear them with a little help from the Spring 2012 runway!

Idea #1:   Isabel Marant Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Isabel Marant's collection is full of patterned bottoms. This outfit consists of pairing printed pants with an orange-and-blue varsity inspired windbreaker. A way to wear such loud pants without looking overwhelming is pairing a top that is in the save color family, but nothing too obvious. For example, your pants mainly consist of pink shades, with a bit of, say, purple. So, pair your pants with a purple shirt!

Idea #2: Jil Sander Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Jil Sander's look consists of EXTREME bottoms in basic colors. I wouldn't wear pants that crazy, but I would pair a crazy-fitting pair with a basic top. Although this look consists of white-on-white, I would reccomend pairing some wild bottoms with a basic shirt.

Idea #3: ChloĆ© Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Again, Chloe's version of this look includes embroided pants paired with a top in the same color .  This includes white-on-white as well. So, pairing the color with itself (if that makes sense!) is fine for this look.

I just realised I did the same look 3 times!!

Ha, hope you enjoyed!


Sunday, March 04, 2012

Get The Look: Katy Perry (Part 2)

Another Get The Look! I'm sorry I'm always doing it on the same celebrities, it's just that these celebrities (Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Katy Perry and many more!) are the stars I would consider my style icons! The hardest part about these kinds of posts is choosing the right look! Anyways, I saw this picture of Katy Perry, and I thought it was the perfect look to do a post on!

Dress: Katy Perry wears a graphic sweaterdress with this look (It has a London telephone booth!) To re-create this look, I'd search H&M to find something similar!

Coat: The ''Part Of Me'' singer pairs the sweaterdress with a classic beige trench coat. I know for a fact they have these at Zara because I saw them there. (And I want one!) This isn't hard to find.

Tights: Katy wears black nylons with the look.

Shoes: One of the reasons why I love this look (which I didn't notice before!) is because of Katy's kitten flats. If you're willing to splurge, I saw a similar pair by Marc Jacobs at Browns, but any flats or boots will do!

Hat: Katy wears a leopard beret with this look, something that can be found at Zara. This is optional, buy since I love berets, I would definitely wear one in my version of the look!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


What To Wear: Springtime

I know this post is pretty general, but I still think it can be helpful. Spring, my favorite season is just around the corner, (my birthday is a month and a day away!) and the weather is getting warmer, so here are my ideas for what to wear! I may do a spring outfits post soon!

Outfit 1: You don't want to wear a regular pair of jeans, and it's still too cold to wear a skirt without tights, so pick a colorful skirt, add a sweater, tights and boots and you're spring-ready!

Outfit 2: It's May (Verry far away, but whatever) and it's too hot out to wear jeans, but still too cold to wear shorts, so what do you do? I got the solution! Pick a nice pair of harem pants in a very light material, preferably high waisted, pair with a crop top and flats, and you're good to go!

Outfit 3: If you're not comfortable in neither of those, rock some printed leggings! Whether they're leopard or floral, the style possibilities are endless! My favorite way to wear them is with a big, baggy shirt and flats, but it's up to you!

PS, like the tacky picture?

You are going to hear the word ''spring'' this whole month on Tween Dreams!

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Trend Alert: Trendy Spring Pants

Is it just me or has it been a long time since my last trend alert? Well, today I have one coming your way (I love rhyming!) on the trends in pants.

Time to push your classic jeans aside! This spring, weirder, more unusual models are in. Look for kind of flowy, tapered pants, even harem pants. I know for a fact that Material Girl carries some, and I'm sure Zara does too!

Printed leggings are also huge this spring.

As for jeans, classic faded models are, well I can't say out but... Anyways, any one tone model is in, but what's really in is either very light washes or vintage, acid wash. High-waisted denim is cool, as well. Having a pair of coloured denim also comes in handy!

I know tapered pants (which I think are high-waisted!) and high-waisted jeans are hard to wear. Here's what I do!

Tuck a camisole into the pants. Than, add a crop top over it, without tucking it in or anything. That way, you're covered, so you don't look skanky. If the top is too short, it's fine to leave some camisole showing.

Hope you enjoyed!