Friday, February 03, 2012

The Tween Dreams Interview With CloeCouture!

Cloe, a.k.a CloeCouture's videos always stood out to me, she's always been one of my favorite gurus, if not my favorite! It was unreal when she agreed to do an interview for Tween Dreams!

This 14-year old puts an unbelievable amount of time and effort in her videos, it's unreal. Cloe began her first YouTube channel in Februrary of last year, and now her new channel has close to 10,000 subscribers! Cloe proves that you have to work so, so, so hard to have success online, don't think it happens overnight! In September, Cloe appeared in a Wall Street Journal article because of her successful DIY  makeup product tutorials. But, in December, something occured  to her channel, causing Cloe to start over and making a new channel, CloeCoutureXO. But, even at that, she still remained strong and managed to bounce back.  But, recently, her original channel has been recovered, thankfully!

Tween Dreams: How did you get into beauty/fashion?

CloeCoutureXO: Youtube!

TD: What inspired you to start making YouTube videos?

CC: Other gurus, I wanted to be a guru too!

TD: What do your schoolmates think of your channel?

CC: They think it's really cool!

TD: What do you like to do when you aren't making videos?

CC: Hang out with friends, shop, try out new makeup products, watch videos, community service and after school activities.

TD: How did your relatives react when you told them about YouTube?

CC: My immediate family actually thought it was pretty funny because I was terrible at makeup when I started. They take it seriously now, though! My other relatives think it's cool as well. At least I hope so...: )

TD: Who is your fashion icon?

CC: My style is constantly changing, so I don't really have a fashion icon! I am not very into fashion either, but I hope to get more into it!

TD: How would you describe your style?

CC: Girly, simple and not too mature!

TD: Back in September, you appeared in the Wall Street Journal. How was the experience?

CC: It was a great experience! I was so shocked when they contacted me. It was an amazing opportunity!

TD: When did your channel really start to pick up?

CC: Well, my new channel started to pick up right away, with the help of so many gurus giving me shout outs and explaining my situation. But, on my old channel, my views and subscribers rose when I really started putting time in my videos. Most of the time, it goes YouTube first, school second. I know it's not very good, but that's the kind of dedication I have!

TD: What is the hardest part about YouTube?

CC: The hardest part is the time it takes to do! A simple two minute video isn't as simple as it seems. It usually takes about an hour to prepare to film, (You gotta look nice!) 30 minutes to film and an hour to edit! Then, exporting is about an hour and uploading is about 2 or 3 hours! And, it's all about the timing! I have to film between 8 AM and 4 PM because of lighting and I can only film on Thursdays and Saturdays in those times because of my busy week. So, basically, my entire weekend is about YouTube. Friday, I prepare and plan, and Saturday I film. I actually recently filmed 2 videos this Saturday, and it took up my ENTIRE Saturday! I guess that's the hardest part-YouTube destroys my social life! (Editor's note: Despite all the trouble Cloe goes through to make her videos perfect, she makes it look so easy!)

TD: You've had a lot of success with your beauty DIY videos. Is making your own products something you'd like to do in the future?

CC: Yes! In the interview for the Wall Street Journal, I mentioned that I would love to have my own makeup company when I grow up. I think it would be SO fun to test out the different formulas and pigments to get the perfect products!

TD: Is it hard balancing school and YouTube?

CC: Yes! I always end up going to bed at like 12:00 because I have to do homework and YouTube! Also, YouTube distracts me from  homework so much! I also can't make videos during the week because I have tennis every other day but Thursday, so it's hard to keep up with making videos at least twice a week. But I try!

TD: What advice would you give to  young fashion/beauty bloggers like myself?

CC: My best advice is to put your all into everything you do. Never slack. Put in your 100% into everything you do and it will pay off!

Thank you so much to Cloe for making this interview possible! You have to admire Cloe, it's amazing that she's had so much success at such a young age! Hope you enjoyed this interview!

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