Friday, February 10, 2012

Trend Alert: Friendship Bracelets

TGIF! Haha, I have my first-ever jewelry trend alert for you today! Oh, and I'm posting from my iPod for the picture and it is rather annoying!!! Roxanne, seriously shut up and get with the post!!!

I loove friendship bracelets just because of the feel they give any outfit! Ever since the new year, I've been wearing my Betsey Johnson watch, which is photographed wherever the picture is with some bracelets I made. This trend is so 80's, which is also the reason why I love this trend, especially when paired with my neon watch, and also that it makes for such a carefree look!

If you want ANY tutorials for the bracelets shown in the pictures, let me know!

Photo: Watch: Betsey Johnson
All bracelets made by me!

Photo was taken by me, but edited with Instagram!


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