Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Out Of Style Trends

These are the trends that are out of style in my opinion!!! Now, now, if you don't agree with me, you shouldn't worry, this is my opinion and everyone has their right to a personal opinion, so feel free to rock what you find cool! So, here it goes!

  • Baggy jeans are making their way out, I just don't like any jeans besides skinny for now. Also, people say harem pants will never be cool, but that's what I find cool! (see?!)
  • Long denim skirts just seem strange to me. On the other hand, denim miniskirts are making a comeback!
  • Loud, exaggerated shirts are just not cool anymore! I mean, very minimal prints and little designs are what's cool!
  • This is what I cannot stand although I own a pair for gym: chunky running shoes! The only reason I own them is for comfort reasons!
  • SHUTTER SHADES! Lord, this is plastered over everyone ''don't wear'' list! 2008 is over!!!
  • This is not out of style, but it's something that's a hit or miss to me: maxiskirts. Maxidresses are cool to me, but how do you STYLE a maxiskirt?
Yeah, anyways, those are the trends I can't stand! Hope you were entertained by this post!


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