Thursday, February 16, 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Review

Back in December (Oh, I go back to December all the time!!) I made a post talking about glitter nail polish and I mentioned the then upcoming Nicki Minaj collection may be reviewed in the future, and I was right! Here is the review of the collection!


Fly: This teal blue is most probably my least favorite in the collection, but even at that, I'd still wear it! It is just so pretty! I think I just contradicted myself!

Did It On Em: I love this color because it is rather unique: very bright and fun! Very Nicki Minaj-esque, if that makes sense.

Metallic 4 Life: I like this color because yes, it is dark, but it is still totally young because of it's glitter. I love the name!

Pink Friday: This is my second favorite color in the collection! I think it's cool because it's just your classic Barbie pink (VERRRYYY Nicki Minaj-esque, the term of this post!) It is not quite a hot pink, but not quite a baby pink-it's perfect!

Save Me: This is my favorite color in the collection!! I think there is not one other color quite like it-it's silver glitter with these unique confetti rainbow sparkles! It's ironic it's my favorite color in the collection because the song it's named after is my favorite Nicki Minaj song!

Super Bass Shatter: I doubt I would buy this color. It is just the classic OPI shatter in a purple hue. But it is pretty!

There was my review of this collection! I hope you can get some of these colors (and I hope I can too! OPI's hard to find in Montreal!)


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