Saturday, February 11, 2012

Get The Look: Rihanna (Part 2)

Yes, I know I already did one of these on Rihanna, but I just love Rihanna's casual style. Also, I just wanted to do a post to celebrate that I made it to my sixth grade talent show, and I'm doing an acoustic rendition of ''Umbrella'', and that the Grammys are tomorrow! And it goes like this:

Top: Rihanna wears a colorblock sweater, which looks like something you can probably find at H&M or Zara, so search places like that for something similar!

Pants: The ''You Da One'' singer pairs the sweater with cuffed black pants (Or jeans, I can't really make it out!) My version of this outfit would probably include black leggings.

Shoes: You know the classic shoe column of a Tween Dreams Get The Look line!!! Any flats will go well with this look!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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