Saturday, February 25, 2012

Clothes Shopping Tips!

Tonight I'm going to be blogging about shopping. Here are my shopping tips.

  • Be open-minded of where you shop. Sometimes, you can find pretty clothes at the most unexpected places!
  • Check department stores, like La Baie. They have such a variety, and have SUCH great deals.
  • Unless you're really sure, don't shop online. You never know when the seemingly cool top ends up being this really ugly shiny thing...
  • Keep in mind what you're looking for. For basics, check American Apparel. For cool stuff that no one will have ,(well, at least no one who has read this post) check Urban Outfitters. For very trendy, runway inspired items, check Zara. For trendy, innexpensive finds, check H&M and Forever 21.
  • Keep YOUR style in mind. You may hate, say, H&M's clothes, but you might love something else. But, what can't you find at H&M, anyways?
Hope my tips were helpful. Think of me next time you go shopping. Haha!


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