Monday, February 27, 2012

The 3 Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Broken

Ah! I love blogging about stuff like this! Who says you have to follow fashion rules? This is what this post is about. I hate when people invent all these nonsensical things!
 (although I'm guilty!) But, there are some rules I do believe!

See, Loonette The Clown doesn't care about fashion rules!

1. No white shoes after Labor Day: Yeah, sure! Seriously, why can't you wear white shoes? What if you get some nice white boots...well, no offence to the people who like white boots, but I think they're kind of ugly.

2. Don't wear a skirt with leggings: Pairing a denim skirt with leggings, a sweater and flats is totally cool! As long as the leggings are fitted!

3. No sneakers with dresses: For a less formal look, pairing a dress with Keds, or whatever, is totally O.K.

If, by any chance, you are offended by anything I said, well, rules are meant to be broken!

Hope you enjoyed!


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