Friday, January 20, 2012

What To Wear: Daytime


I always love launching new post series' and I love having series because it makes it so easy to figure out what kind of posts to do. Okay, I'm getting fed up of typing the word ''series'', let's get with the post!

Today's post will give runway inspired casual outfits and tips on how to look totally trendy but casual at the same time! Yay!

Isabel Marant
Outfit 1: The PERFECT outfit for any casual school day! A jersey-inspired top is great for a lazy day because of it's bagginess, which makes it soo comfortable to wear. Pairing your jersey with printed leggings in the same color family makes a masculine top feminine.

Marc Jacobs

 Outfit 2: You might think I'm crazy, but I definitely think tutus are perfectly wearable, even during the day! Paired with a baggy sweatshirt-inspired t-shirt, I feel like it's not really an outfit anyone can pull off, but it's definitely an adorable outfit! (My last outfit was very wearable, though!)

Juicy Couture
Outfit 3: Oh my lord, I love this outfit! The reason why I love it so much is just because it's pretty much a casual outfit, but the floral blazer just adds something to the look, it gives it more shape which makes it look more polished.

OH, and have you noticed that Tween Dreams has gone runway? I really love looking at runway outfits, and trying to re-create them in my own way, it's my new found obsession!

Hope you enjoyed!

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