Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trend Alert: Sequins!

I KNOW this is considered as a 'holiday trend' and it 'can't be touched now that the holidays are over', but those statements are all myths! You saw my last Get The Runway Look, and sequins are totally wearable, even during the day! Photographed on the right is a photo of my favorite look from DKNY's Spring 2012 collection.

Of course you can wear sequins at school! Just pair one sequined piece with a loose-fitting basic piece. Since you're wearing a very loud piece, choose either neutral tops or tops in the same color as your sequined piece. There's your ideal day look!

Now, sequins are meant to be worn at night, as well! You can dress your sequined piece up more, evidently, but still, never overdo it. The real benefit about sequins is that they transfer very well from day to night, like this DKNY look. For example, let's say you're wearing sequined leggings and a silk  baggy top. Pair the look with high tops for school. For an ideal night look, change into flats and there you go! From baggy shirts to button downs to denim jackets to lace tees, sequins can be worn with anything!


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