Monday, January 09, 2012

Trend Alert: Dress Pants & Shorts

A huge trend for 2012 is dressy black or sequined shorts with tights. But, I am going to tell you straight up because it's my job that they aren't that flattering on everyone, and they can be a bit outrageous for your taste.

An alternative is dress pants. They can be found at H&M and Zara, and look so freaking pretty! I really like rolling them up a bit, and pairing them with flats, a leopard belt and a lacy top. Although this is kind of considered menswear, you can still glam it up and make it more or less modern. For a really formal look, I'm sure sequined ones exist somewhere. The trick with any kind of sequins is to balance the sparkle out with a plain top.

I've recently been to both a high end boutique and H&M, and in both of those stores, I saw dressy shorts. Although I said that they're tricky to pull off, I know some ways of still wearing them.

If you are comfortable with it, here are my tips for pulling these off for every body type.

Curvy: Opt for a longer pair of shorts, and make sure they're not stuck to your legs: Buy a size bigger if necessary. Same goes with all shorts.

Petite: Since you`re going for a classy look, make sure the shorts aren't too short. Same goes for tall frames.

I hate doing posts on trends that don't apply to everyone! But, it's very important that you always flatter your body, because you can just end up looking worse. 

Hope you enjoyed!


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