Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trend Alert: ''The Baby-Sitters Club'' Inspired

Does that sound odd or not?

That textbook 80's-90's look is making a comeback! I am a ''The Baby-Sitters Club'' fan, I've read half the series (which is a lot!) And, their looks, all of them, are actually on trend right now! The reason why I named this tutorial such a odd name inistead of ''80's inspired'' or ''90's inspired'' is just that, well that's really the look I want to talk about today!

Sorry for the bad image quality!

Oversized clothes, acid wash, high waisted denim, leggings-they're all comming back! Why I pretty much wear a muted version of this trend every day is because of how easy it is to wear! It is so comfortable and looks good on everyone. Floral prints are big for spring, too. (see my ''Old Lady Inspired'' post) To not take it too far, wear only one retro item at a time. For example, pair acid-wash denim with a lace t-shirt for the perfectly balanced version of this look. You can also wear the look in small doses: Wear a scrunchy or classic sneakers with a basic and modern outfit for a toned-down version of this look. Don't go pairing lime green leggings with hot pink baggy t-shirt, now!

Hope you enjoyed!


Disclaimer: I am evidently not getting paid for this post!

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