Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How To Shop At A Thrift Store

Am I crazy? NO!

Shopping at thrift stores is something most girls my age avoid. But, it is also possibly the best place to shop for  reasons that will be explained in this guide

This is a guide that will hopefully change your opinion about thrift stores.


1. You have acces to vintage items

2. You can sometimes find quality items

3. You can find very trendy peices for a good price

4.It is CHEAP!


1. You never know who previously owned the clothes

2. It is unsanitary and dirty

3. Most local thrift stores (by that I mean Value Village or whatever) tend to sell counterfiet versions of designer bags


Wash everything thouroughly before you wear anything

Try everything on

Know how to spot counterfeit items right away (see my How To Spot A Fake Designer Purse post)

Go to thrift stores that sell used good-quality items


Underwear (Eww!)
Hats, hair combs, etc.

Stuffed animals (I just think there are limits!)

Also, thrift stores carry lots of items featured in my Trend Alerts (especially old-lady inspired, eighties and ninetys inspired and so on!)

So, now you know how to shop at a thrift store! Yay!

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