Friday, January 13, 2012

Get The Runway Look: Isabel Marant

TGIF! Ha, I was going to do a whole article on tips to achieve a similar outfit to this, but than I decided to do a look for less. I saw this picture in a Seventeen magazine about two years ago, so I know it is an outdated collection, but I fell in love with it, and the honeymoon is not over! So, there you go!

I absolutely love this outfit because it is put together, but still cool! It is basically timeless!

Top: The model wears a white button down blouse, which is a basic!

Jacket: Another basic sported bu the model is a denim jacket, which has a looser cut. While re-creating this look, you can pair it with a denim vest or denim shirt, just stay in the denim family!

Pants: I doubt you would find the exact Isabel Marant pants, but you can pair this look with any kind of sequined leggings or liquid leggings, as long as it has some kind of sheen to it and is a dark color.

Shoes: Now this is what I love about this outfit: About half of my Get The Look posts always have some kind of high heels. Not this time! This luxe look is paired with black flats, but since this look is not that colorful, you can pick a flat in a contrasting shade. This look is such a perfect day look!!!

Hope you liked this post!


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