Monday, January 23, 2012

Get The Look: Demi Lovato

I'm back with another look for less! This one is on Demi Lovato's look: a look I love because it's an easy day to night look, which is something I've been talking a lot about recently. 

Shirt: Demi Lovato wears a grey baggy off the shoulder sweatshirt. This is something that can be found at any store that has a good selection of basic clothes.

Skirt: The ''Skyscraper'' songstress wears a striped body-con skirt with this look. Evidently, this skirt doesn't have to be striped, it can be any color of the rainbow, although I would recommend something dark. This can commonly be found at H&M for $7.00!

Shoes: Demi's extreme heels are way too extreme for my eleven year old self, (I feel like I have to repeat that in every shoe column of my Look For Less!!!) so my safer bet would be flats!

Again, feel free to add tights to this look!

Hope you enjoyed! Bye!

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