Saturday, December 31, 2011

Will My 2011 Trend Alerts Last Through 2012?

This is a very special post. Since today is New Year's Eve, I decided to evaluate all my 'Trend Alert' posts of 2011 and see which ones are still in and which ones are out. So here I go!

Varsity Jackets: MAYBE. My first Trend Alert! I feel like this trend has become too common. It really depends on what kind of varsity jacket you wear. It can't be too tight. It has to be baggy but short. So this trend really depends on the fit.

Colorblocking: YES. When this look is done properly, it's the perfect spring look!

Tie-Dye: YES. This retro trend can last another season.

Tribal: YES. Again, when it's done properly, this is totally cool.

Pattern Mixing: NO. This trend looks so clownlike and was just a passing fad.

Leopard Jeans: NO. This look is kinda over the top. Leopard leggings, on the other hand, are in!

Military boots: MAYBE. Like varsity jackets, this trend is kind of in, kind of out. In my opinion, I think Doc Martens are too chunky, (me + chunky shoes=NOOO!!) but the kind of army boots I have, from Rococo are totally still in! (That's not because I have them, they're still cool!) Even thin, sleek lace up ankle boots look amazing!

Faux Fur Jackets: YES. I love fur coats and vests!! : ) They'll never go out of style!!

Fur Motorcycle Jackets: YES. These are also totally cool!

Army Jean Jackets: MAYBE. This is more of a fall trend, and Fall 2012 is too far away to tell if this is in or not.

Polka Dots: YES. My most recent Trend Alert is TOTALLY still in!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy New Year!


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