Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

No matter WHAT you're doing this new year's eve, you have the right to dress up! Here are my favorite looks for the new year:

Outfit 1:

Pair a black skirt with a knit cardigan and white shirt underneath. Finish with tights and leather boots.

Outfit 2:

For a semifancy outfit, rock a sweaterdress with leggings. Shoes are up to you.

Outfit 3:

Try a tutu! Wear this ballerina-inspired shirt with a relatively basic top to balance it out.

Outfit 4:

Wear the same thing as Outfit 1, but wear a faux fur vest instead of a cozy cardigan.

So here are my top picks for NYE. Please let me know your outfit ideas for New Year's.

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. Muchas Gracias! Love the ideas. I have a dark brown body con skirt that I tucked into a light brown "off-shoulder"shirt. What color leggings should I wear? #Confuzzled

  2. Thank you, I'm glad my tips were helpful! I really like your outfit as well! I'd go with black leggings if I were you!