Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Top 5 Fave Albums

This is NOT fashion related!!! But, for the holidays there is nothing better than receiving a brand new (physical) album! Plus, if you're stuck on what you want, you can ask for one of these! I love music as much or even more than fashion (doesn't mean I hate fashion!!)

5- Jessie J ''Who You Are'': I love this album!! If you like R&B mixed with pop, you'll love Jessie J. She can SING first of all (and by SING, I mean SIIIINNNNGGG!!!) and her songs are amazing. My personal favorite song off this album is ''Rainbow''.

4- Lady Gaga ''The Fame Monster'': I'm not really a fan of Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way'' or ''The Fame'' album (personally, more power to ya if you do!!) but I love this one! It's a great dance/pop album, and is very catchy, especially if you like her singles off this album (''Telephone'', ''Bad Romance'',''Alejandro'') My favorite song is either ''Dance In The Dark'' or ''Monster''.

3- Nicki Minaj ''Pink Friday''- You don't have to like rap to like this album! (But I DO, so yeah.) I just love all her songs! What I like about Nicki Minaj is that she can rap really well, but she can also sing! As for favorite songs, I like ''Save Me'', ''Moment 4 Life'',''Fly'' and ''Last Chance''.

2- Rihanna ''Rated R'': I LOVE this album! I actually got it by mistake last year (I wanted her ''Loud'' album instead) but I actually like this one better than ''Loud''! What I like about this album is not only is it very moody, it has such a variety of songs, meaning some songs are more pop/dance, some are mid tempo, some are moody ballads and some are more R&B. My fave song is ''Fire Bomb''.

1- Katy Perry ''Teenage Dream'': I loove this album! I got the CD last year, when it first came out, and I'm still not sick of it! You may know the 6 singles, but make sure to check out the full album! Every single track on this CD is my favorite song, but if I have to pick 2 favorites, they would be ''Pearl'' and ''Hummingbird Heartbeat''.

So now you kinda know what to ask for! I'm sorry I did this post too close to the holidays, I started it last week, but I never really got around to finishing it!

This is NOT a paid advertisement!! I don't know any of these singers personally, although I wish I did! : )


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