Saturday, December 17, 2011

How To Spot a Fake Designer Bag

That awkward moment when you realise your  Louis Vuitton is fake.

This happened to me. A year ago, I was at the thrift store and I saw a beautiful, small multicolor Louis Vuitton purse on the floor. I checked if it was real, and it actually HAD the logo inside. A couple months later, in March, I found another one, same colors, similar model. I carried both of the bags with pride, until this summer. I was watching a Youtube video that gave tips on spotting a fake, and I did the test. One was fake, one was real. Here is the difference:

-The dead giveaway was: On Louis Vuitton purses, the LV design is always upside down in the back. On the small one, there was no difference between the front and back pattern.

-Another obvious reason was that the strap of mine always detached from the purse! Once, I was walking downtown and mu purse fell at least 3 times!! What gives? This is a purse that retails for about $1,000!!

-At the thrift store, the really good purses are behind glass. My real one costed $24.99 (cheap!!) and was behind glass. My FAKE one costed $11.99 and was ON THE FLOOR, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!

-Louis Vuitton multicolor designs never have red on them, only pink. The fake one did.

-Since the hardware and leather are good quality, all designer bags that have lots of hardware detailing and good leather are heavy. Fake hardware is light and hollow,

-On the real tag inside, it said Louis Vuitton on it, with the little LV design on the left of it. On the fake one, it said Louis Vuitton with a little ''R'' in a circle (I don't know what it's called, but Iithink you know what I mean.)

This is how I spotted a fake Louis bag, but look at small details, like stitching and hardware before you go ahead and buy any designer bag at a thrift store. If you buy one and it is fake, give it back immediately!


Hope you enjoyed!! Bye!

PS, When I found out my purse was fake, I wasn't sad, I was disappointed!!

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