Friday, December 30, 2011

How To: Grow Your Nails Succesfully!

Back in September, I did a How to Stop Biting Your Nails post. I gave you 4 months to try to stop, (I didn't do that on purpose!) and now that (I hope!) you stopped, here is the two-week challenge on how to grow your nails long, which we'll be doing together!

I used to have the worst bitten nails in the world! Last year, I tried to stop biting my nails, which was really hard at first. It's totally normal that when you first stop biting your nails, some nails will be long and some nails will be short. But, I hate when that happens! This is what I do: Sometimes I can't resist not biting my nails, and some nails ''break''. I hate when all my nails are all different lengths, so I clip (sometimes bite, shhh!!) all of them. I give myself about two weeks, and let them grow. After about a week or a week and a half, your nails will be a pretty length. But after two, maybe even three weeks, you will have the long, pretty nails of your dreams! Presently, my nails are short, but I kept them long for maybe about a month! Oh, and it`s also normal that when you first stop biting your nails, it`s normal that they`re a little week, but after awhile, they will strengthen up! : )

Let`s take my two week challenge and grow our nails as long as we possibly can! Your nails can go from...

THIS to....                                       THIS


Hope you enjoyed!


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