Friday, December 23, 2011

Get The Look: Taylor Swift

Yes, another ''Get The Look''!! I loove the Taylor Swift outfit I chose, I'd definitely wear it myself! So here is the look that we're gonna be re-creating.

Shirt: Taylor wears a graphic sweatshirt with a big heart on it that looks like something you can find at Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. Of course you won't find the EXACT sweatshirt as her, (well, only if you're lucky) but a similar graphic sweatshirt will do. Taylor also wears a black tank underneath the sweatshirt which is optional.

Pants: The ''Story Of Us'' singer wears black pants, (or are they liquid leggings?) but I'd say any jeans can do. I'd wear my black Levi's, but I doubt you have black Levi's. Liquid leggings might look cool.

Shoes: Although Taylor Swift wears oxfords, shoes are up to you! 

Hope you enjoyed!


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