Friday, December 09, 2011

Get The Look: Rihanna

Hello there!! I love, love love Rihanna's outfit: It's your perfect basic outfit! Plus, I'm a huge Rihanna fan! So here's how to get the look!

Rihanna Casual Style 2011 401x588 Rihanna Casual Style

Top: Rihanna wears a white button down blouse as a top. These are basically the easiest thing to find and are a super-practical staple to have in your closet! Hers is buttoned to about halfway, but you can control how buttoned or unbuttoned you want it to be.

Jeans: The ''We Found Love'' singer wears medium wash skinny jeans to ''casuallize'' the somewhat fancy blouse. But, the jeans you choose to wear don't neccesarly have to be medium: light or dark wash will also look fine!

Shoes: Although Rihanna sports nude pumps with her look, I'd wear colorful flats or pink Converse  to add color to this look, and just because I'm only 11! Boots can work well too!

Accesories: Rihanna's oversized clutch is cute, but you don't really need it to complete the look. But, the singer wears a ton of jewelry, which are a mix of silver and gold, so pile 'em  on!!

Hope you enjoyed! Bye!

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