Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Outfits and Tips

Hello fellow Tween Dreamers! (LAME!!) This is a post on holiday  outfit ideas and tips.. Hope you enjoy! This is NOT ONLY FOR CHRISTMAS, IT'S FOR WHATEVER HOLIDAY YOU CELEBRATE, DESPITE THE TITLE!

I really am in love with long sleeve tunics or sweater dresses with leggings. The one I got myself is a long-ish (not too long!) long sleeved black one with white
polka dots and a zipper going down the back. It's from Zara. What I was about to get which is more ''winterized'' is a chunky sweater to be paired with jeans. I LOVE that look, but the polka dot one was nicer. To dress up a little more, try a tutu! Last year, I wore a leopard one on X-Mas Eve, which was high wasted, tucked into a black t-shirt, which I had rolled up the sleeves, and it was really cute. The ballerina look is so cool! Also, try lace tights under a skirt or a sweater dress, it gives a great effect! Yeah, that's all I have to say!!

Hope you like my tips!!


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