Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 guys! I don't want to sound like I'm repeating the exact same thing from my 'Happy Holidays' post, but I want to say the exact same thing: Thank you to all my followers and viewers for giving me 6,700 views in just 5 months! 2011 was a very big year for me, I hope it was the same for you. All the best for 2012!


Take Care,

Roxanne & Tween Dreams

Will My 2011 Trend Alerts Last Through 2012?

This is a very special post. Since today is New Year's Eve, I decided to evaluate all my 'Trend Alert' posts of 2011 and see which ones are still in and which ones are out. So here I go!

Varsity Jackets: MAYBE. My first Trend Alert! I feel like this trend has become too common. It really depends on what kind of varsity jacket you wear. It can't be too tight. It has to be baggy but short. So this trend really depends on the fit.

Colorblocking: YES. When this look is done properly, it's the perfect spring look!

Tie-Dye: YES. This retro trend can last another season.

Tribal: YES. Again, when it's done properly, this is totally cool.

Pattern Mixing: NO. This trend looks so clownlike and was just a passing fad.

Leopard Jeans: NO. This look is kinda over the top. Leopard leggings, on the other hand, are in!

Military boots: MAYBE. Like varsity jackets, this trend is kind of in, kind of out. In my opinion, I think Doc Martens are too chunky, (me + chunky shoes=NOOO!!) but the kind of army boots I have, from Rococo are totally still in! (That's not because I have them, they're still cool!) Even thin, sleek lace up ankle boots look amazing!

Faux Fur Jackets: YES. I love fur coats and vests!! : ) They'll never go out of style!!

Fur Motorcycle Jackets: YES. These are also totally cool!

Army Jean Jackets: MAYBE. This is more of a fall trend, and Fall 2012 is too far away to tell if this is in or not.

Polka Dots: YES. My most recent Trend Alert is TOTALLY still in!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy New Year!


Friday, December 30, 2011

How To: Grow Your Nails Succesfully!

Back in September, I did a How to Stop Biting Your Nails post. I gave you 4 months to try to stop, (I didn't do that on purpose!) and now that (I hope!) you stopped, here is the two-week challenge on how to grow your nails long, which we'll be doing together!

I used to have the worst bitten nails in the world! Last year, I tried to stop biting my nails, which was really hard at first. It's totally normal that when you first stop biting your nails, some nails will be long and some nails will be short. But, I hate when that happens! This is what I do: Sometimes I can't resist not biting my nails, and some nails ''break''. I hate when all my nails are all different lengths, so I clip (sometimes bite, shhh!!) all of them. I give myself about two weeks, and let them grow. After about a week or a week and a half, your nails will be a pretty length. But after two, maybe even three weeks, you will have the long, pretty nails of your dreams! Presently, my nails are short, but I kept them long for maybe about a month! Oh, and it`s also normal that when you first stop biting your nails, it`s normal that they`re a little week, but after awhile, they will strengthen up! : )

Let`s take my two week challenge and grow our nails as long as we possibly can! Your nails can go from...

THIS to....                                       THIS


Hope you enjoyed!


Rihanna Inspired Nail Tutorial

I've been wanting to do this post for so long! I know the picture I'm using is from a while ago, but the nail art design is totally cute and trendy, not to mention easy! So here it goes!

You'll need:

Yellow nail polish

Black nail art device (whatever works for you! I'd use a dotting tool and a nail art pen.)

Step 1:

Paint all your nails bright yellow. Let dry thoroughly.

Step 2:

Using whatever black nail art device you want, start drawing smiley faces on every nail with the exception of your ring finger. On your ring finger, draw a sad face. Oh, and you can also just dip a thin brush from another nail polish into a black one, if it works for you. 

Yes, that was my very straightforward tutorial! Hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

No matter WHAT you're doing this new year's eve, you have the right to dress up! Here are my favorite looks for the new year:

Outfit 1:

Pair a black skirt with a knit cardigan and white shirt underneath. Finish with tights and leather boots.

Outfit 2:

For a semifancy outfit, rock a sweaterdress with leggings. Shoes are up to you.

Outfit 3:

Try a tutu! Wear this ballerina-inspired shirt with a relatively basic top to balance it out.

Outfit 4:

Wear the same thing as Outfit 1, but wear a faux fur vest instead of a cozy cardigan.

So here are my top picks for NYE. Please let me know your outfit ideas for New Year's.

Hope you enjoyed!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Trend Alert: Back to Basics

Before I go on with the post, I hope you all had a merry Christmas. (Well, I hope you enjoy all your holidays!) I wanted to do a trend alert on something I've been sporting this holiday season: Basics!


I am really into basic clothes and classic patterns. I feel like there's no reason to regret buying a solid coloured sweatshirt over some loud tee. The benefit of a basic piece is that you can wear it with possibly anything-a basic neutral chunky sweater can be dressed up or down, (a perfect NYE look) and can be thrown over any shirt. Plus, these peices are timeless. I also think a basic sweater and leggings is meant for accesories-bold watches, fun earrings and a necklace. You can also dress in neutral colors and add pops of colorful accesories. ANYTHING goes with a basic shirt. ANYTHING. I am actually wearing my favorite blue sweater as I type this! Look at the outfit abovee for my example of a perfect outfit!

Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays


I won't have a chance to blog tomorrow, so I'd like to wish all of you Tween Dreams fans and non Tween Dreams fans a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and happy Kwanzaa (or whatever you celebrate!) Thank you guys so much for 6,178 views! I am so happy! In case you're wondering, the red font is only for this post, it was just more holiday-ish than my normal fuchsia writing! Happy holidays!!

Take care,

Roxanne & Tween Dreams!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Tag

Christmas eve is tomorrow (obviously), and I am dying to do this tag, (although I'm posting one up tomorrow) so here it is!

1.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Home Alone!!! I saw it twice this year!

2. Are you on the naughty or nice list? Nice!!!

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?''Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'' and ''Jingle Bells''.

4. Have you ever had a white Christmas? I live in Canada, so YES!!

5. Where do you spend your holidays? It depends on the years: 2009-present, I go to my relative's country place on Christmas day, and  2010-present, I  spend Christmas Eve at my house.

6. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? Well, my tradition is that we see one side of my family on Christmas Eve, so yes, I open some presents on Christmas Eve.

7. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? No, and I won't even try!

8. What tradition are you looking most forward to this year? All of 'em!

9. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? F-A-K-E!

10. Hands down, what is your favorite holiday food and dessert? As for food, I love cranberry sauce. (And I like yam, but I hate sweet potatoes, so I just eat the melted marshmallows!) As for dessert, I love hot chocolate with 'the works'.

11. Be honest: Do you like giving or receiving gifts better? I am being honest: I love both!

12. What is your dream place to visit this holiday season? New York! It looks so pretty, just watch Home Alone 2 if you don't believe me!

13. What is a family recipe you love to help make? A tradition of mine is that I go over to my grandmother's house to bake Christmas cookies, so that. We have a lot of recipes, but I'm not really a cook yet. (I'm 11.) After all, I am Italian! : )

14. Are you a pro- present wrapper or do you fail miserably? I forgot how to wrap a present, (sad, huh?) but from what I remember I was pretty good!

15. Most memorable holiday moment: When I was 7 years old, I really wanted an iPod Shuffle, (the little square ones, remember 2007?) but the box that was addressed to me was HUGE and there was no chance that it would be the iPod. I was really sad, but turns out, I really got the iPod, and it was just in a huge pillow box to make it less obvious.

16. What made you realise the truth about Santa? Finding out about the Tooth Fairy.

17. Do you make New Year's resolutions and do you stick to them? Yes, but I don't stick to them.

18. What makes the holidays special for you? Just my whole family being together!

Hope you enjoyed! I tag YOU! Happy holidays!


Get The Look: Taylor Swift

Yes, another ''Get The Look''!! I loove the Taylor Swift outfit I chose, I'd definitely wear it myself! So here is the look that we're gonna be re-creating.

Shirt: Taylor wears a graphic sweatshirt with a big heart on it that looks like something you can find at Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. Of course you won't find the EXACT sweatshirt as her, (well, only if you're lucky) but a similar graphic sweatshirt will do. Taylor also wears a black tank underneath the sweatshirt which is optional.

Pants: The ''Story Of Us'' singer wears black pants, (or are they liquid leggings?) but I'd say any jeans can do. I'd wear my black Levi's, but I doubt you have black Levi's. Liquid leggings might look cool.

Shoes: Although Taylor Swift wears oxfords, shoes are up to you! 

Hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How To: DIY Lip Balm

I just gave you something to do this holiday break! Ha! This is something I really want to try, (I have a day off this coming Friday, now I know what I'm doing!) and so should you!

You'll need:

Microwavable 'thing' to put the Vaseline in. (what do you call it?)
*OPTIONAL* Extract

Step 1:
Using a plastic spoon, scoop the Vaseline into the THING THAT YOU CAN MICROWAVE (I don't know what it's called, okay?!) Add some extract if you please.

Step 2:

Microwave your mixture for 2 minutes and than let sit or put in the fridge for 20 minutes. When it's hard, it's ready to use. When you use it, think of ME! : D

So, that was my simple guide to making your own lip balm. Hope you enjoyed!


My Top 5 Fave Albums

This is NOT fashion related!!! But, for the holidays there is nothing better than receiving a brand new (physical) album! Plus, if you're stuck on what you want, you can ask for one of these! I love music as much or even more than fashion (doesn't mean I hate fashion!!)

5- Jessie J ''Who You Are'': I love this album!! If you like R&B mixed with pop, you'll love Jessie J. She can SING first of all (and by SING, I mean SIIIINNNNGGG!!!) and her songs are amazing. My personal favorite song off this album is ''Rainbow''.

4- Lady Gaga ''The Fame Monster'': I'm not really a fan of Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way'' or ''The Fame'' album (personally, more power to ya if you do!!) but I love this one! It's a great dance/pop album, and is very catchy, especially if you like her singles off this album (''Telephone'', ''Bad Romance'',''Alejandro'') My favorite song is either ''Dance In The Dark'' or ''Monster''.

3- Nicki Minaj ''Pink Friday''- You don't have to like rap to like this album! (But I DO, so yeah.) I just love all her songs! What I like about Nicki Minaj is that she can rap really well, but she can also sing! As for favorite songs, I like ''Save Me'', ''Moment 4 Life'',''Fly'' and ''Last Chance''.

2- Rihanna ''Rated R'': I LOVE this album! I actually got it by mistake last year (I wanted her ''Loud'' album instead) but I actually like this one better than ''Loud''! What I like about this album is not only is it very moody, it has such a variety of songs, meaning some songs are more pop/dance, some are mid tempo, some are moody ballads and some are more R&B. My fave song is ''Fire Bomb''.

1- Katy Perry ''Teenage Dream'': I loove this album! I got the CD last year, when it first came out, and I'm still not sick of it! You may know the 6 singles, but make sure to check out the full album! Every single track on this CD is my favorite song, but if I have to pick 2 favorites, they would be ''Pearl'' and ''Hummingbird Heartbeat''.

So now you kinda know what to ask for! I'm sorry I did this post too close to the holidays, I started it last week, but I never really got around to finishing it!

This is NOT a paid advertisement!! I don't know any of these singers personally, although I wish I did! : )


Saturday, December 17, 2011

How To Spot a Fake Designer Bag

That awkward moment when you realise your  Louis Vuitton is fake.

This happened to me. A year ago, I was at the thrift store and I saw a beautiful, small multicolor Louis Vuitton purse on the floor. I checked if it was real, and it actually HAD the logo inside. A couple months later, in March, I found another one, same colors, similar model. I carried both of the bags with pride, until this summer. I was watching a Youtube video that gave tips on spotting a fake, and I did the test. One was fake, one was real. Here is the difference:

-The dead giveaway was: On Louis Vuitton purses, the LV design is always upside down in the back. On the small one, there was no difference between the front and back pattern.

-Another obvious reason was that the strap of mine always detached from the purse! Once, I was walking downtown and mu purse fell at least 3 times!! What gives? This is a purse that retails for about $1,000!!

-At the thrift store, the really good purses are behind glass. My real one costed $24.99 (cheap!!) and was behind glass. My FAKE one costed $11.99 and was ON THE FLOOR, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!

-Louis Vuitton multicolor designs never have red on them, only pink. The fake one did.

-Since the hardware and leather are good quality, all designer bags that have lots of hardware detailing and good leather are heavy. Fake hardware is light and hollow,

-On the real tag inside, it said Louis Vuitton on it, with the little LV design on the left of it. On the fake one, it said Louis Vuitton with a little ''R'' in a circle (I don't know what it's called, but Iithink you know what I mean.)

This is how I spotted a fake Louis bag, but look at small details, like stitching and hardware before you go ahead and buy any designer bag at a thrift store. If you buy one and it is fake, give it back immediately!


Hope you enjoyed!! Bye!

PS, When I found out my purse was fake, I wasn't sad, I was disappointed!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Outfits and Tips

Hello fellow Tween Dreamers! (LAME!!) This is a post on holiday  outfit ideas and tips.. Hope you enjoy! This is NOT ONLY FOR CHRISTMAS, IT'S FOR WHATEVER HOLIDAY YOU CELEBRATE, DESPITE THE TITLE!

I really am in love with long sleeve tunics or sweater dresses with leggings. The one I got myself is a long-ish (not too long!) long sleeved black one with white
polka dots and a zipper going down the back. It's from Zara. What I was about to get which is more ''winterized'' is a chunky sweater to be paired with jeans. I LOVE that look, but the polka dot one was nicer. To dress up a little more, try a tutu! Last year, I wore a leopard one on X-Mas Eve, which was high wasted, tucked into a black t-shirt, which I had rolled up the sleeves, and it was really cute. The ballerina look is so cool! Also, try lace tights under a skirt or a sweater dress, it gives a great effect! Yeah, that's all I have to say!!

Hope you like my tips!!


Friday, December 09, 2011

Get The Look: Rihanna

Hello there!! I love, love love Rihanna's outfit: It's your perfect basic outfit! Plus, I'm a huge Rihanna fan! So here's how to get the look!

Rihanna Casual Style 2011 401x588 Rihanna Casual Style

Top: Rihanna wears a white button down blouse as a top. These are basically the easiest thing to find and are a super-practical staple to have in your closet! Hers is buttoned to about halfway, but you can control how buttoned or unbuttoned you want it to be.

Jeans: The ''We Found Love'' singer wears medium wash skinny jeans to ''casuallize'' the somewhat fancy blouse. But, the jeans you choose to wear don't neccesarly have to be medium: light or dark wash will also look fine!

Shoes: Although Rihanna sports nude pumps with her look, I'd wear colorful flats or pink Converse  to add color to this look, and just because I'm only 11! Boots can work well too!

Accesories: Rihanna's oversized clutch is cute, but you don't really need it to complete the look. But, the singer wears a ton of jewelry, which are a mix of silver and gold, so pile 'em  on!!

Hope you enjoyed! Bye!

Monday, December 05, 2011

TAG! Favorites Tag

This is a tag that I made up! It does not exist, or at least I don't think it does! But here is a little more about my personal likings!

1. Favorite singer: You can see my profile for a complete list, but Katy Perry!

2. Favorite Food (snack): Cupcakes with a cherry on top! : )

3. Favorite food (meal): Cheeseburgers & fries or fried chicken (healthy!) for junk food, or for formal food, spaghetti with shrimps.

4. Favorite fruit: Grapefruit, pineapple or watermelon!

5. Favorite band: Ooh, HARD! I guess it would be like, Basement Superheroes, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and Vampire Weekend!

6. Favorite rapper: I guess Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. (another hard question)

7. Favorite store: Zara & The Bay

8. Favorite song: So many! Probably Umbrella by Rihanna, Glamourous by Fergie, or all of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album!

9. Favorite YouTube beauty guru: I don't know THAT many, but my current favorites are: juicystar07, allthatglitters21, macbarbie07, DulceCandy87 and CloeCouture. If I didn't mention you, it's probably because I didn't discover you yet! : )

10. Favorite pharmacy: Pharmaprix!

11. Favorite chocolate bar/candy: Hershy's cookies & cream and Sour Patch Kids.

12. Favorite TV show: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!!!!!!  And Mr. Bean.

13. Favorite movie: Little Miss Sunshine, Election, Home Alone (I just watched it on Friday!) and Mean Girls.

14. Favorite Web site: Tween Dreams, duh! Kidding!!!!!!!!!!! It's probably Twitter! : )

Hope you guys know just enough about me now! Not too much! Hope you enjoyed! 



Saturday, December 03, 2011

Nail Trend Alert: Glitter!

Yes, I have an excuse! I haven't been blogging for the past week because my laptop broke down. But here is a post on what every nail polish brand is coming out with!

Don't shake the glitter of your nails! This holiday trend is huge right now. From Sally Hansen to Deborah Lipman to OPI, everyone has some kind of glitter! OPI's first collection to  feature glitter this year was the Katy Perry one, which I have a review on, but now, two newer collections are filled with glittery goodness: the Muppets one and the upcoming Nicki Minaj one (future review?) which have amazing colors. Nicole by OPI also has their holiday collection: the prettiest colors for the festive days! 

Glitter isn't always practical, though. It can peel off if you are not careful. But, here are my tips!

-Use a topcoat and base coat


Here are my favorite glitter shades!

Revlon ''Facets of Fuchsia''

OPI ''Teenage Dream'' (of course! You know me!)

OPI ''Save Me''

Sally Hansen ''Rockstar Pink"

Nicole by OPI ''Snowman of my Dreams''

Nicole by OPI ''Rainbow in the S-Kylie''

Hope this was helpful!