Thursday, November 03, 2011

How To: Step Up Your Style

Hey guys!! So, I get it, we all want new clothes. But do we really need them? Here's a guide to show you how to re-vamp your clothes-the DIY way!!

You want: New Uggs
Tip: Roll the tops of your Uggs up for a nicer look. It'll dress up your favorite pair of Uggs

You want: A circle scarf
Tip: Tie the ends of your favorite scarf together. I use this trick and I really love the results!

You want: Fun jewelry
Tip: Make your own bracelets! I have a tutorial up on how to make braided friendship bracelets, but you can also make beaded ones. All you really need is beads, just get creative!

You want: A more feminine jacket
Tip: Adding any kind of scarf adds so much to any coat! To add a girly touch, add a girly scarf. The same rule goes to add an edge to a look.

So I hope these tips were helpful! There will be way more fashion posts now on, so stay tuned!


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