Monday, November 07, 2011

How To: Get Rid Of Oversized Hair Knot

We all get it. It's only normal that you get a huge knot towards the back of your hair, otherwise known as ''The Ball''. To remove this annoying thing, there is a procedure that you have to follow.

Step 1:
Clip your hair up, excluding ''The Ball''. Mist your knot with your favorite detangler.

Step 2:
Using a wide-toothed comb, gently pick at the knot until it's gone. Your hair will feel gross, it's only normal.

Step 3: 
Brush your hair to get rid of future knots.

How to prevent future knots:

The only way to stop ''The Ball'' to form is to brush your hair often, especially in the winter, where your hair is more likely to get tangled.

So, hope this is helpful!


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