Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get The Look: Hailee Steinfeld

Time for ''Get The Look''! Hailee Steinfeld has great style, so I chose one of her looks. I love this outfit because it's appropriate for winter, but It's still adorable! Plus, I LOVE BEANIE HATS!!

T-shirt: Any slouchy, neutral shirt will do, but to steal Hailee's look, wear a quarter length version of a baggy top.

Pants: A pair of dark wash or black denim is necessary.

Hat: A beanie hat will add a grunge vibe to this look, which gives it an edge. The ''True Grit'' actress has a striped one, but if I'd wear this, I'd wear my favorite one I own, which is red.

Shoes: Hailee wears Converse, but Uggs or motorcycle boots work well too!!

Hope you enjoyed! 


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