Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Holiday Tops For Your Body!

Hello! It's time to get into the holiday spirit. So here's what to wear to always flatter yourself.

Curvy: Wear a ton of sweaters and sweatshirts with skinny jeans. Baggy sweatshirts look flattering on anyone, and chunky knits do too!

Tall: Tops that stop at your hips look amazing. Pair them with black tanks and skinny jeans. Also, try a top that ties at the bottom. 

Petite: Try sweater dresses and long sleeve tops that are longer so that you can pair them with leggings for a cute look for any occasion. Make sure the patterns are always fun, though.

Hope this was helpful!


The Tween Dreams Holiday Gift Guide!

Yes, it's TIME! It's the end of November, so if you're smart, you should consider starting your shopping soon!

A tip: You should make a wish list to avoid the worst gifts ever! (Just to give people an idea of what you want!)

What to get a sibling:

You want to get your siblings something not too big, yet not too small. A CD you know they want is always something they'll enjoy. DVD'S are also a great idea! If you are kind of stuck, a gift card to somewhere you KNOW they like is always a good gift, but do make sure they shop there!

The Tween Dreams Gift Card Policy: When getting someone a gift card, make sure it's to somewhere useful for that person. If you don't know them that well, try to be very general: either get one to the mall or the bookstore. Also, if you want to get one from a store you THINK they'll like, only make it about $25, unless you're really sure.

What to get a friend:

Gifts among friends should be very small, just a little something to show you care. 15$ is my maximum, but if you're really close friends, you can go just a BIT over. Stick with homemade jewellery, or some Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. Same should go for boyfriends.

What to get a relative:

I would suggest asking one of their parents or siblings before going ahead, but think about what they like. Pick out a bracelet for a female cousin. For your aunt and grandmother, silverware is always useful (kind of boring, though). Money or gift cards are always useful, as well. Never get anyone perfume or cologne, unless you know which one they like. If you know their taste, clothes are okay, but be very specific. Think of where they shop. Same goes with purses.

What to give a parent:

This is probably one of the most important.  CD'S are useful for everyone, so consider that as an option. DVD boxed sets are great for your father, but for your mother, candles and lotions from fancy bath shops are great. Try to spend roughly the same amount on each parent, because they are equally great! Same should go with siblings, if you have more than one. 

So, I hope this was helpful! Let me know what YOU want for Christmas. Good luck shopping for all this! : ) 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get The Look: Hailee Steinfeld

Time for ''Get The Look''! Hailee Steinfeld has great style, so I chose one of her looks. I love this outfit because it's appropriate for winter, but It's still adorable! Plus, I LOVE BEANIE HATS!!

T-shirt: Any slouchy, neutral shirt will do, but to steal Hailee's look, wear a quarter length version of a baggy top.

Pants: A pair of dark wash or black denim is necessary.

Hat: A beanie hat will add a grunge vibe to this look, which gives it an edge. The ''True Grit'' actress has a striped one, but if I'd wear this, I'd wear my favorite one I own, which is red.

Shoes: Hailee wears Converse, but Uggs or motorcycle boots work well too!!

Hope you enjoyed! 


Trend Alert: Polka Dots

Another Trend Alert! My aunt, who is very trendy and I were talking about trends and stuff, and she said polka dots were all over Marc Jacobs' latest collection, so why not do a post dedicated on that?

Polka dots are appropriate for any girl, really! Perhaps you would want to go all out and go for a top covered in this print, or keep it minimal and stick with a scarf. Unlike stripes, polka dots are always flattering, if you get the right fit.. Here are outfit ideas for every body type:

Petite: Some polka dot leggings and a plain baggy shirt will work well.

Tall Rock a baggy polka dot top with any bottom. Sticking to a basic palette on top  is better, though.

Curvy: Really, any kind of top that fits well works. But, I would suggest to wear a polka dot scarf with a basic top.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 3 Worst Holiday Beauty ''Trends''

Here is what you should leave at home!

1. ''Dewy'' skin: Some things should be shiny, some things shouldn't, like your face! Skin should stay matte, no matter what!

2. Fake ''bronze'' skin: Bronzer really isn't necessary! Unless it's natural, don't rock a tan, especially not in the winter!

3. Exaggerated false lashes: STARS ON YOUR EYELASHES? Keep your lashes simple, don't exaggerate!

There trends don't really apply to tweens, (sorry) but people of any age should know that this is TACKY!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update on Tween Dreams

Here is a quick update on my blog!

Hey guys! Keep requesting posts either by commenting on my posts, tweeting me (!/roxanneizzo) or e-mailing There will be no October favorites this month, and it's my fault! I was so buisy with my Halloween tutorials and thinking about ideas and stuff that I didn't get a chance to think about my fave products. Another thing is that I have a goal: at least 20 followers by my b-day, April 3rd. The views are going up like crazy, but I still have only 6 followers :( . To follow, you need either a Twitter, Yahoo or Google account, or you can follow by e-mail. So please follow and spread the word! I don't mean to sound pushy, but it's what needs to be done.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Color Block Nail Tutorial

It's been awhile since my last nail tutorial, so here's one! Since I was Katy Perry for Halloween, I did my nails inspired by her music videos, and I wanted to do one for ''Last Friday Night, so this is what I did!

It's the pinky!!!

Cover half your nails in tape and paint the other half in whatever color. Make sure the tape is well secured. There are two ways to do this next step. The easier way to do it is to let the coat you just did dry, and than cover it with tape and repeat the step, or you can let the top half dry again and just paint that half without any tape. You can really use any colors, but I used neons 'cause I was channeling the 80's. Add a top coat and you're done!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

TAG! 8 Most Worn Things

I was looking at another great blog, kayheartsmakeup16 and I noticed this tag was up there too!! I've wanted to do this tag for awhile, so here it is!

Most worn lip product:

Well, I don't wear makeup, but my most worn lipgloss is Royal Gloss by Rimmel and my most worn lip balm is EOS.

Most worn nail polish:

It's funny because I don't own a full-size bottle of this color, only a mini one, but I've put it on so many times and I love it! It's ''Teenage Dream'' by OPI.

Most worn top:
Ohh, well since my school has a dress code, my most worn top is just a plain white t-shirt from H&M.

Most worn purse:

My most worn purse is my Marc by Marc Jacobs navy blue Miss Marc tote bag. I've been wearing it almost every time I carry a purse with me for almost a year now!

Here is a pic of it, mine is navy, though:

Most worn earrings:

I don't wear earrings that often, but I have a pack from H&M that has 3 different sizes of pearls, gold balls and diamonds that I wear often. I pretty much always wear the biggest size.

Most worn shoes:

I often wear my white Converse, but I've recently been wearing my leather army boots daily!

Most worn perfume:

Purr by Katy Perry!!! : )

Most worn hair product:

I don't really use product, so really my Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner!

So, hope u enjoyed! I tag you!!!

Love, Roxanne

How To: Rock Your Hair's Natural Texture

Heat is bad!! Your natural texture is beautiful, it's what you were born with! So if it's straight, curly or wavy, just rock it. Here's how to successfully do it!

While conditioner is in your hair, brush it with a wide-toothed comb to get rid of future knots.

Make sure all conditioner is out. After you get out of the shower, just wait about an hour or two and your hair will be dry. Use a leave-in conditioner to smooth away frizz.

Hope this was helpful! Bye!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get The Look: Selena Gomez

I should continue this series because it's fun! Last post was on Ke$ha, (the look was surprisingly wearable!) but this post will be on a celebrity you all know and love, (hence the title) Selena Gomez!

This is the outfit:


Any black leggings will do, but if you want to go all out, wear liquid leggings! See my Clothes To Get Now post for a cheap pair from Zara.


Stores like H&M, Forever 21 and American Apparel will sure have something similar to what the ''Love You Like A Love Song'' singer wore. Just wear a loose black and white striped shirt or a dress in a similar pattern.


Wear a red scarf, preferably a circle scarf. A pink scarf can also work. If you really want to copy Selena's style, tie the ends of a scarf together and wrap it around.


This is where you can get creative. Selena wears boots here, but you can wear flats, too! Even Uggs can work well!


Slip on a couple of dog tag necklaces to complete your look!

This ''Get The Look'' is so much more different than my last one! It's better to be general than to give links! Hope you enjoyed!!


Monday, November 07, 2011

How To: Get Rid Of Oversized Hair Knot

We all get it. It's only normal that you get a huge knot towards the back of your hair, otherwise known as ''The Ball''. To remove this annoying thing, there is a procedure that you have to follow.

Step 1:
Clip your hair up, excluding ''The Ball''. Mist your knot with your favorite detangler.

Step 2:
Using a wide-toothed comb, gently pick at the knot until it's gone. Your hair will feel gross, it's only normal.

Step 3: 
Brush your hair to get rid of future knots.

How to prevent future knots:

The only way to stop ''The Ball'' to form is to brush your hair often, especially in the winter, where your hair is more likely to get tangled.

So, hope this is helpful!


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Get The Look: Ke$ha

This is a new series where I demonstrate how to turn celeb style into totally wearable tween daytime looks using inexpensive items from your fave stores. I was looking at some of Ke$ha's looks and found this really cool, wearable and casual look to re-create!

Here's the look. I'd change the tank to a t-shirt for a better daytime look.


Check out these:


(any black t-shirt will do)


It's really up to you. The leggings are the statement piece in this outfit, so that's the most important thing to link!!

Told you this look is wearable!! Do you want more of these posts?


Clothes To Get Now!!!

Zara leggings, $15.90
Forever 21, $21.80

Zara vest, $39.90

H&M top, $17.95

Zara hat, $15.90

Zara, $35.90 (I love it because of the sequined ''R'' for Roxanne!!)

These are my top picks for November. This is not a paid advertisement, just clothes I love! As you can see, I'm really into sequins and shiny things, along with beanie hats!!!!!

Hope U enjoyed! Bye!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

How To: Step Up Your Style

Hey guys!! So, I get it, we all want new clothes. But do we really need them? Here's a guide to show you how to re-vamp your clothes-the DIY way!!

You want: New Uggs
Tip: Roll the tops of your Uggs up for a nicer look. It'll dress up your favorite pair of Uggs

You want: A circle scarf
Tip: Tie the ends of your favorite scarf together. I use this trick and I really love the results!

You want: Fun jewelry
Tip: Make your own bracelets! I have a tutorial up on how to make braided friendship bracelets, but you can also make beaded ones. All you really need is beads, just get creative!

You want: A more feminine jacket
Tip: Adding any kind of scarf adds so much to any coat! To add a girly touch, add a girly scarf. The same rule goes to add an edge to a look.

So I hope these tips were helpful! There will be way more fashion posts now on, so stay tuned!