Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wicked Witch of the West Halloween Tutorial

Hey guys! So today I have a SCARY tutorial for y'all! I missed two days, but it's OK. Let's get with this Wizard of Oz character!!!! I may add that she freaks me out and I might have nightmares tonight, but whatever!

You'll need:
Green face paint
Black long-sleeve dress
Black witch hat
Old broom
Fake red nails


Here is a (scary!) picture of the witch herself:

So, obviously, paint yourself green. Add a mole and define your brows using black face paint. Make sure to paint your lips green, too!


It goes without saying. But I have to say it, or else it wouldn't be a costume tutorial! Wear a long sleeve black dress and witch hat. This is the only night where you have my permission to wear fake nails, so you can, but I still suggest painting your nails a classic red, green or black. Carry a dusty broom with you.

Hope you liked this tutorial, the most typical ''scary'' costume you can get!!!
A very spooked Roxanne

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