Monday, October 17, 2011

Tips...PART 2!!!

Ahh great to be back blogging!! It feels like it's been so long, but, really only 2 days!!! I had to take a Halloween tutorial break. Sorry, but I did too many and I'll still continue doing them, but not at this moment! So I wanted something that can be used year-round, unlike my costume tutorials, so how 'bout a sequel to Tips?!
  • Never pop a pimple! It'll just get worse
  • Although I was strictly against it last post, I tried an eyeshadow palette at the dollar store for Halloween, and it worked AMAZING, so maybe you can buy some at the dollar store!
  • The #1 mistake tweens make is the second they step in junior high, they pile so much makeup on! Start with a little, than build it on!
  • Never buy a knockoff anything (well, knockoff Keds are o.k, 'cause they are more comfy)
  • Don't try too hard to be something you're not! It pays off to be yourself!
  • While cleaning out your junk drawers, only put very important things there, the rest store away in a tote bag, with your closet.
  • Never be shy to request posts to me, I love getting ideas from you!
  • Follow me on Twitter:!/roxanneizzo
So yeah, that was just random but helpful tips!!!!
You saw the second-to-last tip, so do it!!!


PS, My ''Kathy Beth Terry Halloween Tutorial'' has 133 views!! Thank you!

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