Monday, October 24, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Halloween Tutorial

I am mad! Why? Because they changed Strawberry Shortcake's look! To pay tribute to the older outfit and hairstyle, how 'bout a Halloween tutorial?

PS, when selecting this picture, turns out there was an even more vintage version!!

You'll need:
 Oversized strawberry hat
Pink and green striped long-sleeve shirt
Baggy jeans (preferably light wash)
Red sweater or scarf
Short red flippy wig
False lashes
Clear lip gloss

No extreme makeup is necessary, but false lashes are an important part of this costume. Apply some according to the directions on the box. Next, apply clear gloss after applying balm. (This step is optional) Next, using a brown eyeliner, dot freckles all over your face.  

Wear a pink and green striped t-shirt if you can find, but any striped long sleeve shirt will do, as long as there is some kind of pink in it. You can't forget about the  hat! Buy a large straw hat, paint it pink and attach ribbon, which should be tied in a bow and have huge strawberry. Light wash denim jeans will work well for this look, but they should be baggy to go with the country-girl look. Tie a red sweater or t-shirt around your waist.

A short, flippy red wig is ideal for your look. The hat should've went in this part, sorry!!

So I guess that's the look!! Hope you enjoyed!


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