Friday, October 14, 2011

Snooki Halloween Tutorial

This post was scheduled for yesterday, but I'll do it today!

You'll need:
Bronzer or orange face paint
Black or animal print dress
Black wig with pouf
Smokey eye kit
False lashes
Fuzzy slippers

Here is a picture of Snooki herself:

The whole Jersey Shore cast is known to be super-tanned, so wear tan foundation and bronzer for a realistic look. But, it's Halloween, so if you want to play up the character, use orange face paint for your face and neck. Finish off with smokey eyes and fake lashes.

Snooki has many signature outfits, but her main one is a tight-fitting dress with a cardigan over. Now, whether it's plain black or animal print, it doesn't matter, but whichever one you choose, you should have the opposite color for the cardigan. Finish off with chunky, fuzzy slippers

Duh! Wear the signature Snooki wig with the pouf. Enough said.

Nails (special column for this tutorial):

Wear fake French tip nails.

Hope you enjoyed!


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