Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smurfette Halloween Tutorial

Are you feelin' blue? You shouldn't! Have a ''smurfy'' good time this fall with a cute tutorial sure to turn heads. I tried this two years ago, but unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. But now that the Smurf movie came out, accessories are so much easier to find!

You'll need:
Blue face paint
White dress
Blonde wig
White hat
Blue bodysuit or turtleneck

Here is a photo of Smurfette herself:

Sorry if it's small, but you should start by painting yourself blue. Next, just wear false lashes or lots of mascara. Also paint your neck.

Outfit and accesories:

Smurfette always wears a white dress. This is the trickiest part with this costume, which is the reason why I didn't sport it two years ago. Halloween is normally cold, especially where I live, so you can't just go with the dress. You'll need a bodysuit, a blue one so it can match up with your skintone. So if you can't find one, dye one blue. You'll also need a white hat, which is sold at costume stores. Carry a flower with you. Done!!!

So hope ya enjoyed! Comment if you find the Smurfs movie SO CUTE!!!!!!

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