Monday, October 10, 2011

Nicki Minaj Halloween Tutorial

I am REALLY aggravated! I wrote this tutorial on Saturday and tried publishing it, but it didn't work and Blogger didn't save it!! So here I am writing it again!!! : (

I am a huge Nicki Minaj fan, BTW!

You'll need:
A hot pink wig
Baby pink lipstick
Pink bodysuit
Dark foundation (if you're pale)
Neon eyeshadow
Chunky, girly bling
False lashes

Here is a picture of Nicki herself:

So, Nicki Minaj is always wearing neon eyeshadow. To imitate the ''Super Bass'' singer's look, wear neon pink, green, blue or yellow exaggerated eyeshadow. Another must is really thick black eyeliner, which should be winged at the tip. False lashes are also a must. To achieve a darker skin tone if you're pale like me, wear darker foundation and make it look natural by blending it in. Her lips are always pink, but never too bright, so a soft bubblegum lip is necessary. Remember, I'm only 11, so I'm no makeup specialist.


Nicki's hair is always bright and colorful, but her trademark wig is hot pink. If that's hard to find (which it shouldn't really be) go for a blonde one with bangs. Above, she is sporting a pink beehive, but any pink wig will really do.

Outfit and accessories:

For the outfit, Nicki is always wearing body suits, so go for a bright pink leotard and tights. If you can find it, a patterned one is a must. I saw while I was shopping at costume stores that they sell individual ones, which is great! Remember, you're portraying a rapper, so tons of girly bling is perfect. Exaggerated nails are also a Minaj trademark, so go for those!


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